When it comes to being a ski patroller, there is no mold. There are, however, some common traits that all patrollers share. National Ski Patrol members have a strong desire to help others, learn emergency care techniques, improve their skiing and snowboarding skills, and enhance the safety and enjoyment of snow sports for all. Sound like you?


  1. World class first aid training
  2. Membership on a great team with hundreds of years of patrolling experience
  3. The personal satisfaction of selflessly assisting others in dire need
  4. Complimentary Lift Vouchers (one voucher for each fulfilled duty day)
  5. First on the mountain; Last off the mountain
  6. Membership in NSP provides access to prized Professional Discounts from top quality brands


  1. Bring a positive attitude and willingness to be helpful
  2. Fulfill a minimum number of patrol duty days each season.  This varies with each seasons needs, but is usually between 10 -15 scheduled duty days, the first weekend of December thru the first weekend of April.
  3. Maintain Outdoor Emergency Care Certification. To do this the following areas need to be refreshed yearly:
    1. Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC)
    2. CPR Refresher
    3. On-hill refresher training includes: Toboggan handling (OET) and lift evacuation
  4. Help with our annual fundraiser (SOS Fair – usually the last weekend in October or the first weekend in November)