Please fill out THIS FORM to express interest in joining our patrol.

Are you already an EMT, Advanced EMT, or Paramedic?  Please review this EMT to OEC Pipeline document which will give you some detail about the modified challenge program to become OEC certified.

How to become a candidate of the Snowbowl Volunteer Ski Patrol.

  1. Apply to become a candidate:
    1. Stop one of us up on the mountain and ask us about patrolling.
    2. Complete our online application form.
    3. Attend an Informational Meeting.  These meeting dates are provided to our list of interested candidates.
  2. Once accepted to the candidate class:
    1. Complete all online sessions of OEC training.
    2. Attend in person class sessions for the Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) training course.
    3. View the Sample Course Outline for the OEC class this season.
    4. Attend on-hill training days to learn the mountain, policies, sweep procedures,  ski & toboggan handling skills (Expected: As least 10 days on-hill).
    5. Complete CPR for the professional rescuer course.
    6. Pass the required examinations from the National Ski Patrol and Snowbowl Ski Patrol.

What is a “candidate” of the Snowbowl Volunteer Ski Patrol?

  1. A candidate is a person working toward completing all the necessary requirements to become a Ski Patroller. This includes all the steps mentioned above.
  2. While training on the mountain, a candidate is not expected to purchase a lift ticket. If you are training, you get to ski or ride with a patroller and are expected to wear a “training vest”, which is provided by the patrol.
  3. Candidates need consent from the Weekday Patrol Director to train on the mountain on weekdays. The Snowbowl Volunteer patrol only operates and trains on the mountain on weekends.
  4. Candidates will need to provide their own ski or snowboarding equipment to use while training and patrolling.

What does it cost to become a candidate and basic patroller?

  1. Register with National Ski Patrol ($55)
  2. Register for the OEC class ($60)
  3. OEC training materials will run $400 (one-time cost to Snowbowl Ski Patrol) and covers the following:
    1. Books
    2. Northern Division Dues
    3. Training supplies
    4. Classroom rental
    5. Patrol Parka
  4. Upon the completion of all candidate training and requirements to become a basic patroller, you will need to purchase one of the following:
    1. Patrol Belt ($45 – $90)
    2. Patrol Backpack ($119 – $159)
    3. or Patrol Vest ($134)
  5. You are expected to wear black pants as part of the Patrol Uniform.
    (the above are estimated costs)

Please fill out THIS FORM to express interest in joining our patrol.